Terms and Conditions

By submitting this order, I agree that I am 21 years of age or older and legally able to purchase wine. Wine deliveries always require an adult signature. I understand that an adult signature is required for all alcohol deliveries in the United States and packages will not be left at my door. We strongly recommend using a business address for your wine deliveries if you are away from your home during the day. We will not sell, rent or provide your information to a third party. We do not offer refunds.

My order will be shipped within 14 days of my credit card being charged (club orders within 42 days).  If I request to pick up my order or to have a postponed delivery date, my credit card will be charged at time of order.  Once wine is shipped or I pick it up, I understand that ownership passes to me, and if returned, it is my responsibility to pay all shipping and return shipment charges.

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